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Learn more about Clash Royale

If you’re not familiar with the game, you can learn more about Clash Royale by checking out the article bellow, it covers almost every aspect of the game and even more than that.


Clash Royale short introduction

Are you one of those who enjoy spending their free time playing games on their phones or computers? Have you reached that point where your friends are calling you a “gamer”? If so, I am more than happy to present you an entertaining game – Clash Royale.

What is this game about?

It is a mobile strategy video game developed, and also published, by Supercell. This is a video game company with its base in Helsinki, Finland. This game was released on 4th January 2016 for iOS platforms and for Android ones on 16th February, we’ll start off with the game review and talk about the Clash Royale Hack.

Clash Royale is a very entertaining real-time strategy game, where players are supposed to collect and upgrade different cards which are based on characters taken from the Clash of Clans universe. These cards are unique and are used with the sole aim of destroying the opponents’ towers. Each and every victory leads to more and more card, trophies and, least but not last, to glory.

What can you do in Clash Royale?

Players have a wide range of possibilities – they can unlock new arenas, form clans in order to share cards, challenge other players who are online and participate in private duels.  Likewise, you can challenge the members of your own clan to a friendly duel, but bear in mind that there is no benefit in doing this; it is simply a source of fun. You are awarded no trophies, gems or gold; you only win the humiliation of your clan, regardless of which of you lose, because you both are members of the same clan. Yet, due to the new update released on February, friendly battles no longer cost anything.

Cards classification

Here, the cards are ranked based on their stats. There are three types of cards – common, rare and epic. The epic cards are easily found and very cheap to upgrade, while the rare ones are harder to find and cost more. But the most valued ones are the epic card, which are very hard to come across. If you choose to donate cards to clan-mates, you will be rewarded. You can call it karma – “you do good, you receive good”. Not only you help your friends, but you are also given Gold and XP. Collecting XP enables you to level up and makes your Crown Tower stronger, whereas Gold can be used in starting battles and in buying cards, easiest way to acquire both gold and gems is by using the Clash Royale Cheats.

Rewards after matches, chests with a timer

When it comes to chests, you should know that there are three main types. Although you get a free chest every four hour, you can store only two of them at a time. Why should they be collected? Because they activate the countdown timer for your following free chest. Yet, crown chests offer cards, gems and free loot and are available every 24 hours. They are unlocked on the condition that you earn ten crowns in multiplayer battles. The most complex type of chests, the treasure ones, come in three varieties – silver, gold and magical chest. You can purchase them using gems or you will be given these chests whenever you win a battle.

Clash Royale Cheats

Building a profile, leveling up by gaining exp

The condition to level up in the game is to gain enough experience. Leveling up helps you damage more your enemies’ towers when fighting. Experience points can be earned by upgrading your cards or by donating to your clan members cards. If you have run out of cards, you can request for them every eight hours. You will be given either ten common cards or only one rare card for every request.

However, if you would like to donate some cards, you will be able to give up to two cards at a time. The maximum you can donate is a cap of 60 and when you reach it, you will be unable to give cards until the time expires, by the way, if you want to stay update then check out Clash Royale’s Facebook page and if you want to learn more about the game then check the game’s Wikipedia page.

In-game currency, gems and gold

Talking about currency, the game has two forms – gems or gold. Gems may be used for purchasing chests and gold. You can occasionally earn small amounts of gems through either crown or free chests. Likewise, they can be earned when you accomplish an in-game achievement. You can also buy them in-app and use real world money.

Available payment methods differ for iOS and Android. iOS accepts credit cards, content codes, PayPal, PayEase, Click and Buy, iTunes cards or iTunes Store gift certificates, whereas Android has a smaller variety of payment methods. It accepts only PayPal, prepaid or gift cards, direct carrier billing and credit cards, because it depends on Google Play to process all purchases made via in-game Shop.

Alternatively, gold may be earned by opening chests or by donating card to the members of your clan. It is used for cards to be upgraded to higher levels. Moreover, the game has a shop where random cards can be purchased (but only three – one of each type) with gold. What’s best, on Sundays there is a special offer and you can buy six cards instead of the regular three. But when you have unlimited gems by using the Clash Royale gem hack, you do not have to wait every time for Sunday to come in order to get your cards.

Clash Royale Hack

Clash Royale – first live mobile streaming game

Streaming a mobile game

Every gamer wants to be on TV Royale. You may be wondering what is TV Royale, aren’t you? It is a list where the best battles from the top players are replayed. Why? Because it helps you to both keep up to date with the last strategies and learn new techniques that may be successful in your battles. What’s great about it is that it is constantly updating with new replays so that you can improve your quality of game.

There have been raised many questions on the similarities between Clash Royale and Clash of Clans and many people have wondered if it may be called “Clash of Clans 2”. Wrong, totally wrong. These two games have been separately designed and will continue to be developed as separate games with two different teams. Despite the fact that several founding members  have also been members of the Clash of Clans game team, there are no developers working in both games.

A completely free game with certain boosts

The best advantage of Clash Royale is that you can freely play it and when you decide to buy in-game currency for real money, it is made through in-game shop, which is processed exclusively by the iTunes Store and Google Play so as to offer the customer the maximum security and protection of their financial and personal information. Whether you choose to invest in the game or not, every area is equally accessible as you level up and provides you with a first-class experience. Leveling up might be a bit slow though, that’s why it got so many players searching for things like how to hack Clash Royale, and if you are one of them, that won’t be a problem anymore.

Talking about the game’s particularities, there are magic objects, Arenas, Battle Decks, trophies and so on and so forth. A Mirror is a magic object, which is unlocked at Arena 5 and repeats your last played card. It copies the strength of the cards and can create reflections that might be stronger than the original. They will become more and more powerful while you upgrade the Mirror.

“Battle Deck” means that you select eight cards from your collection and fight against them –so be careful what you choose, because you surely don’t want to lose and humiliate your clan. Best way to improve your deck is by opening the rarest chests, bought with gems, you can either buy those gems with real money or use the Clash Royale Hack and get them for free.

The real plays happen here, arena mode

On the other hand, Arenas are battlefields where you fight against other players for glory and trophies.  There’re currently six distinct Arenas and a Training Camp. You can choose where you would like to carry the battle between Goblin Stadium, Barbarian Bowl, P.E.K.K.A.’s Playhouse, Bone Pit, Royal Arena and Spell Valley.

In order to progress in Arenas, you have to earn trophies, because every Arena reveals to you new cards which were pulled from chests won in battles. The trophies are calculated based on the differences between the amounts of trophies you and your enemy have – if you win against a player who has more trophies than you, you will be rewarded with more; but if you lose against an opponent that has fewer trophies than you, you will lose more.

In spite of the fact that Training Camp is not an Arena, it is the place where the road to victory starts. It should be used so as to get used with new decks and polish up your skills. There you will play against an AI opponent and will be able to sharpen your skills before facing real opponents in multiplayer. While you battle in Training Camp, you will not win trophies or gain resources or experience.

Clash Royale tournaments, matchmaking and clans

Organize or participate in online tournaments

You can also participate in tournaments that last approximately for three minutes. You can also organize your own tournament. Yet, you have to take into account some rules before doing this – Friendly Battles are now using the all-new “Tournament Standard” level caps, which are King & Crown Towers 8, Common Cards 8, Epics 3 and Rares 6. The last three have been chosen because it would take almost two or three months of playing to get the bunch of cards required without paying anything.

It is the necessary amount of time someone needs to get a solid understanding of the game and to decide whether or not they are ready to move into the realm of competitive tournaments and pay with real money for cards, gold or gems. Because not everyone is able to do that we are going to show you how to get gems later in the article, using the newest Clash Royale Cheats in order to stay close to your competition, competition that affords spending four digits on a game.

Matchmaking system for arena mode, explained

For equality, the matchmaking system will find a suitable opponent for you – a player with a similar trophy level as yours. In the matchmaking, the level of the cards each player has, are not taken into account. Sometimes, there will be an enemy whose amount of trophies is bigger than yours, but bear in mind – the more trophies a player who loses has, the more trophies you win.

Moreover, the battle cost has been removed and you are no longer required to spend your gold on any kind of battles. Yet, to compensate for the free battles, you will be given slightly less gold, but gold can be acquired by using the Clash Royale hack, as Darkzone team’s generator can get you both gems and gold.

Controlling your units after deployment?

There has been someone who asked how can be troops controlled after deploying them. Well, once deployed, units will attack on their own, without being steered by the player, because the game requires perfectly strategic and timed troop placement. Troops will proceed depending on their preferred targets and abilities – they will check each card in order to learn their place in combat and will organize themselves into a deck that will suit you. Now, in order to get the best cards, you’ll have to open magical chests which cost plenty of gems, so once again our Clash Royale hack come in handy as they allow you to generate an unlimited amount of gems.

Join a clan and win tournaments together!

In multiplayer, to be able to join or create a clan you must be at least at Level 3. Once you have reached this level, tap the Clan tab and you will be able to create your own clan or search for an existing one. If you decide to leave a clan, you won’t be able to immediately join another one, because it might take some time for the system to recognize the change. Yet, if you have been kicked out of a clan, you will not be able to join it without an invitation from the clan elder.  For the “invite only” clans you must bear in mind that you can send only one invite request to it at a time. However, you can join a clan immediately if you have been sent a direct invitation from the clan leader.

Clan points are calculated by weight which means that the trophies of the first ten members are the determinant factor in deciding the overall clan score. The following ten values almost 25% of the total score and the rest practically are not taken into account, because if a clan consists of very strong top players, but also has weak players in the lower ranks, it still has a high score. If you are not in a clan at this very moment, just hang in there for a bit longer – you will be part of one before you will know it. Now if you’re really looking to get between those top ten members, you’ll either have to spend money on the game or rely on this Clash Royale Hack which will grant you all the gems you need without spending a dollar.

Constant updates and fixes from day one

There have recently been some improvements in the game – the death damage is now shown on the card info screens for the Giant Skeleton, the Balloon and the Golem, the notifications of the game now appear in pop-ups and more bugs and problems have been fixed due to the player’s feedback.

What is best about Clash Royale is that the offensive language and the bad attitude are forbidden. All you have to do if someone leaves rude comments on your Clan Chat, is to send a screenshot of the incident and of the player’s profile page, using the “Help and Support” button in the settings of the game.


To sum up, I advise you to play Clash Royale, because it is a very entertaining and interesting game that suits best to every personality. In the last updates the game is more and more addictive and challenging. It also focuses on the online reputation of players by tweaking the ranked ladders.

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